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Murmur - Entertainment & News


There are in-numerable sources of news and stories of our interest. Murmur is your friend which collects all these news and stories and filter them according to your interest and choice and present to you a daily digest of about 15-20 bites. We often browse through facebook, twitter and many apps that constantly feed us with multi-faceted information every now and then. But somehow, our generation still remains un-familiar with the most important news and stories of the world. We do not hear the news and stories that we must know because they get lost in the clutter of information. Or maybe, the version we heard turned out to be a corrupted one. And yes, we have neither time nor patience to read through newspapers. We want to be updated with all the important news, stories and posts of our interest but there are so many websites and so many feeds. Murmur simplifies this and compiles everything into a small visual feed of BITES. These bites can be a PHOTO, a VIDEO or an ARTICLE.The murmur digest is not only informative but also really interesting as it contains all the important news and stories (bites) about sports, cricket, tv shows, movie trailers, movie releases, startups, travel, technology, indian, world, hollywood, food, lifestyle, fashion, politics, health and fitness, relationship, humor and more. The app asks for your interests during the startup and then provides a daily digest of news and stories of those interests.
Ignorance is certainly a bliss, but can one actually ignore those stories that the world seems to be talking about? The most popular, viral, trending stories and news of the day that are a food for thought for you and an escape from the social awkwardness that one faces when not being able to participate in discussions of the most viral topics.
MURMUR, is a content discovery app that solves this precise problem for our generation.
It brings to you the biggest stories of the day, the stories and news that you need to know in an extremely simple daily digest format. It personalizes the content based upon the user's interest and makes the feed relevant for the reader. Unlike many other apps, murmur does not focus on giving a summary of everything that is happening in this world, rather it helps a great deal in discovering the most important content for me. It is the only app that gives exactly those things that help one grow after a long day in our busy life.
The app has been designed with utter simplicity that makes using it on the go even more interesting. It consumes only a few minutes, gives the most important and relevant updates and proves an ultimate sense of completion to the user.
The app also works offline. Once you have downloaded the digest of news and stories for the day at 6PM, you can view the bites later on even WITHOUT INTERNET. Thus, the app also provides offline news.
COMPLETELY FREE and NO LOGIN REQUIREDIn short, MURMUR is an app that has made content discovery very simple and super interesting.